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Well, it has been a while. I have just been doing all sorts of theatre things, such as being a camp counselor, and assistant choreographing a production of the Producers!! WOOHOO! =P

Audition Song?

Hey all,

I am going to be auditioning for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and I need a song to sing for my audition. I am a mezzo-soprano. Any ideas?

Sheet Music

Does anyone have access to the sheet music for "Flight" as sung by Sutton Foster and Megan McGinnis??

Thanks in advance =]

My List


that's my list.  I don't know anything about, trading, but I'd like to learn.

my email is scoops66622@aim.com

I really want the Addams Family Musical...anything from that.  And a recording of Cutting Edge Composers I or II.

thanks =]

A Fun Visit

My sister and her friend James came to visit this weekend, it was great!  We had my choir concert, which went well, and then we went to the choir party and then to the Acrop.  I think I showed them a pretty great time.  I rock.  And now I'm trying to figure out the next four years of my life. great. 

I got a blogger...

It's pretty random.  I just wanted somewhere to post my obsessions.  So I put pictures up! And it's fun.  I will not abandon my LJ, though because I really just love talking about myself.  I just had swine flu and was quarantined for much of this week. It kind of sucked, and I still don't feel that great. However, now I know what I'm being for Halloween.  I'm being SWINE FLU! It's gonna be awesome =] 

When I think of home...

I am home! Thank goodness!!! I got home on friday, and have managed to see lots of people.  On Saturday, I helped teach classes at YPTW, which was super duper awesome.  Sunday, I had lunch with Sarah, James, and Gib, and I went over to see Kevin's family.  Love them!  Then Monday, my mom took me to KOP, and I got a ton of new leggings and two winter coats for the cold Poughkeepsie weather.  Then I went bowling with Amelia and we talked to Alex and Steve on skype for a while.  Today I had brunch with my padre, and went to Goodwill.  

they're really good. I am a beast.

This Weekend

 Friday was a great, I had dinner with Hannah.  It was really fun, love fried mac and cheese.  Then Saturday I had my first WoCo Co meeting, and we had breakfast at the Deec.  I had to prep for the cabaret, so I straightened my hair, returned Zoe's sleeping bag, and actually put on some make-up.  I sang in the cabaret!! Emily and I kicked ass.  Then this morning we had a charcter brunch for Full Monty, which was really, really fun.  Then I went to the Chaticleer concert, which was fantastic!!  And then I had RW  rehearsal, which is always pretty meh. And now I'm done until 9, for the Phil meeting =]

NYC, home away from home.

So I had the best weekend ever.  Friday, I got to leave Poughkeepsie, and go to NYC.  I was reunited with Maria, and we went to go see the Fantastiks.  It was awesome! And even better, we haggled down the prices of birthday presents for Chip at Colony.  It was amazing. All I did was smile, and Ted was just like, "I'm Ted, have a discount of like 35 bucks!" So then we went back to Fridays (our newest tradition) and got our wonderful slushie drinks that we love.  Then, we went to her NYU dorm, and slept in....whoops!  But it all worked our okay, because we got STANDING ROOM TO NEXT TO NORMAL! It was fantastic.  Seriously, I almost died.  Then we took the train to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and got Hungarian Pastry Shop CREAM PUFFS!! Brilliant. 

We rehearsed Earth Mass from 6-9, and I got to see a bunch of my lovies from home, including the ex-.  You'd think after 4 years of friendship/3 years of dating, we could at least manage to be friendly....but he makes everything so super-awkward all the time. GAH! Anyway...the rehearsal was great.  And we all went to V & T Pizza afterwards....wonderful white pizza (another tradition).  And of course, HUNGARIAN PASTRY SHOP for desert.  Then Steve and I went back to Maria's dorm to go to sleep.  Lydia drunk-dialed us (she never used to drink. ever.), we saw Adam Gauzza in a movie, and we ordered Insomnia cookies. Delicious.  We were up until 2 am.

That morning was Earth Mass.  Sadly, the three of us took a million years to get ready, and so Steve and I were rather late to the rehearsal.  But Shank helped us sneak in unnoticed.  Sarah had saved me a seat, so all was good.  Then we all took a break, and then EARTH MASS started.  It was incredible.  We had never done it with the full Cathedral before, due to the fire, so it was just breath-taking to be a part of it.  We are not a fan of the new conductor, though, because he cannot keep a tempo or cue in a section to save his life. Fail(goat).  

After Earth Mass, we all went to grab lunch.  The high schoolers were idiots and wanted KFC, but we just went along with it because it is really supposed to be their trip.  Then Maria and I went back to Times Square, went to Friday's, and had an epic discussion about life over our wonderful slushie things.  We went back to her dorm, and then I took the train back to Poughkeepsie.  Back to Vassar.  Back to sadness. =[

Thanks for reading.
<3 B

Life as Usual

Well my life is pretty boring.  I had chorus, and 4 classes today, but nothing much else.  I also had dinner with Amy.  Yay, another friend for the tally! VC is still not heaven, but at least there are a few people I can talk to.  I love my music theory class, it is super wonderful.  My writing seminar is....okay, I guess.  But I like the reading more than the in-class discussions.  WoCo is superfun.  I love singing, and I've been working on my breathing, and I think I'm improving.  Tomorrow is going to be superbusy, but on Friday, I get to go to NYC!!!

<3 Becca 



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